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3. What is your Property ID# for?
4. How can I get my property listed under a certain Region?
5. How can my listing become the "Featured Property"?

Q: What is your Property ID# for?

A: If you place an advertisement of your property in a newspaper or magazine you can add: See www.ivponline.com search ID# 858 for more information and photos. With this search option, people can look directly at your property with no cost. The search ID # box is at the top right corner of every page.

Q: How can I get my property listed under a certain Region?

A: Regions are done on a geographical basis within a certain range. If you think that the location of the property should be within a certain region, (ie. Kissimmee is located within the Disney Area.) Please contact us with the necessary information.

Q: How can my listing become the "Featured Property"?

A: "Feature Properties" are picked at random by location and the time of year. Generally, we feature properties where people are most likely to travel during that time of year. During the winter where climate is very warm (Caribbean, Mexico, etc...) or locations which feature ski resorts (Colorado, Vermont, etc...) During the summer, we try to feature cottages in all the different areas. If you want your property featured during a specific time, please contact us us.

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